Impossible Question


It’s maddening, frustrating, and a lot of fun, but mostly it’s big cash prizes if you get it right! Listen every weekday morning at 6:40am and try your luck with the More FM Impossible Question.


Today’s IQ on 7/29/15:

Q:  You probably don’t want to shake hands with someone who just did this.

A:  Unanswered.  Some incorrect guesses….  sneezed, handled money, went to the bathroom, got off an elevator, pet a dog, touched a door knob, used a cell phone, used hand sanitizer, blew his/her nose, cleaned the toilet, yawned, walked the dog

The IQ will be worth $404 on Thursday 7/30/15!


The previous IQ:

Q:  New dads are often surprised by this.

A:  The amount of weight they gain!

Source:  Northwestern University study

Congratulations to Kristen from Philadelphia for winning $101!