Impossible Question


 It’s maddening, frustrating, and a lot of fun, but mostly it’s big cash prizes if you get it right! Listen every weekday morning to Jenn and Michael after 6:40am and try your luck with the More FM Impossible Question.


Q: Men should never talk to a woman after THIS.

A: NOT ANSWERED!  Some incorrect guesses were: after she works out, after she eats an onion, after she weighs herself, after a breakup, after her man flirts with another woman, after she pays the bills, after she sleeps with your best friend, after she gets home from work, after a haircut, after she cheats on her diet.


On FRIDAY the Impossible Question will be $303!!



Q: Almost all of us like doing THIS, in the evening.

A: ANSWERED!  Eat breakfast foods for dinner!

Source: Krust-eaz Poll

**CONGRATS CARLY from Shillington, PA who won $202!!**