Impossible Question


It’s maddening, frustrating, and a lot of fun, but mostly it’s big cash prizes if you get it right! Listen every weekday morning to Jenn and Michael after 6:40am and try your luck with the More FM Impossible Question.


Q: 60% of us do THIS for the holidays.

A: NOT ANSWERED!  Some incorrect guesses: Pollyanna, shop over a few months, regift, procrastinate, buy gifts for your pets, drink eggnog, go on a diet, eat the dark meat from the turkey, wear matching PJs, make a list of gifts you need to buy, overeat, buy gift cards, volunteer, wait to the last minute to wrap presents, go to an office Christmas party, stay at home for the holidays, borrow money, decorate their bathroom, send Christmas Cards.


On MONDAY the NEW Impossible Question will be $505!



Q: THIS scares more men, than woman!

A: ANSWERED!  Ordering wine!

Source: Naked Wines

**CONGRATS to TURNER from Little Egg Harbor who won $202!!**