Impossible Question


 It’s maddening, frustrating, and a lot of fun, but mostly it’s big cash prizes if you get it right! Listen every weekday morning to Jenn and Michael after 6:40am and try your luck with the More FM Impossible Question.


 Q: Do THIS when you dine out and you’ll lose weight.

A: NOT ANSWERED!  Some incorrect guesses were: skip the apps, don’t eat the bread, wrap up half the food, get an app as your main meal, get the dressing on the side, stand up and eat, drink water before the meal, dine out eating Tapas, pour water on your food, look at the menu before you go out to eat, pay w/ cash instead of credit card, have wine with dinner, stay away from condiments, eat with your non-dominate hand, sit near the bathroom, be the 1st to order, eat out early, walk to and from the restaurant, eat the sides first, don’t drink alcohol, order from the kids menu, order soup, wear tight clothing, Skip the apps.


On TUESDAY the Impossible Question will be $606!!




Q: You’re most likely to lose your cell phone while doing THIS

A: ANSWERED!  Getting coffee!

Source: Lookout

**CONGRATS to LYNN of Norristown who won $101!**